Ask us about  half/whole hog orders.We will let you know when these can be delivered.

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Whole Hog $3.50 per pound*
Half Hog $3.75 per pound*

(Hanging weight approximately 140 – 160lbs) 

*Price is based on the hanging weight of the hog. Hanging weight is the weight of the hog hanging in a meat cooler before being butchered into the usable cuts.  Whole and half prices do not include butcher fees, which are additional and vary depending on cut preferences and packaging

Customers will provide butcher with cutting instructions prior to delivery of the hog. For whole pork orders, we require a $150 deposit; for sides of pork, $100 deposit – within 5 days of your order.

Crooked Creek Farm will deliver your whole pig to our local butcher (Galvinell Meat Company or Smuckers Meats). They are more then happy to work with you to discuss the cuts you want from your hog. Your pork will be cut to your specifications at their USDA inspected facility.

Customers may pick their order from Crooked Creek Farm or we can make arrangements for delivery.

Buying Pastured Pork From Crooked Creek Farms

Buying Pastured Pork From Crooked Creek FarmsOne of the most economical ways to buy meat is in bulk, direct from the farmer. Not only do you get to know the farmer and how the animal was raised, but you have the advantage of getting the meat butchered the way you want. At Cooked Creak Farms, we sell whole or half hogs. We thought we’d take a little time and answer a few commonly asked questions and offer advice for those looking to buy a whole or half hog.

Buyers Guide For Whole (or Half) Hog

There are various reasons why people buy a whole hog – in some cases it may be for a pig roast, which requires a smaller pig, typically around 30 to 40lbs. We generally do not have small pigs available, but if you let us know well in advance we may be able to accommodate you. What we generally market are finished hogs that have a live weight between 150 and 200lbs. We sell whole pigs, sides of pork, or individual cuts (like bacon, ham, or roasts).

How Much Meat Will I Get From A Side of Pork?

The hanging weight is not the same as the yield weight after the meat is cut up to your specifications. Depending on the cuts you select, you can expect to get 70 to 80% of the hanging weight for your freezer.

What Cuts Should I Get?

Buying pork in bulk can sometimes be confusing, especially if you’ve never bought your meat this way. You want to think about what cuts of pork you and your family like to eat. Our pork is vacuum packed and will keep in the freezer for a year or more. You can talk to our butcher, Galvinell Meats, who will advise you on custom butchering of your pig.

Individual Cuts of Pork

If a whole or half hog is too much, or you don't have the freezer room, we sell individual cuts of pork, bacon, sausage, scrapple, and lard