Top 5 Question to ask your Farmer

I see a lot of people who are overwhelmed by all they’ve learned about processed food, local food, organic food, etc. But what they really want is high-quality food without all the chemicals and/or raised humanely.  

1.  Why do you farm? This is a good question. It not easy being a farmer and for my husband and I it was a big choice to make. We are 1st generation farmers. We both grew up in Rosedale, MD and had normal suburban lives.  Oh, coursed we got married and had our 1st daughter. As children often do, she changed everything and we decided that we wanted her to grow up on a farm be free to learn and grow.

Like many of our customers who have young children and decided to have healthy food for them. We got into producing a product that we were happy feeding them. We raise our pigs for the market. We love meeting our customers and learning from them as much as they learn from us.

2. How do you decide which products to grow?  For us, we did our research and went with pigs because they seem to be the easiest to start with and we did not like how commercial pig is being raised. Well, we have learned a lot from our pigs. Easy…no, but I’m glad we have our pigs on the farm.  

The pigs are able to use all of our land and grow well. Not to mention who doesn’t love bacon.

3. What kind of fertilizers do you use?  We let the pigs do all the fertilizing for us. We are starting with some chicken that will clean up from the pigs.  But the pigs eat the weeds and grasses. The more they are out there the fewer weeds come up and more clover and peas grow for the pigs. 

I don’t want my girls playing infield that has been spread, so why would I want my pig in it? I don’t want them exposed to that any more than my girls. I would want to eat that either.

4. How do you deal with your weeds? insects? diseases? We encourage insects. We do not deworm our pigs with chemicals. We mix in a natural deformer in with the feed. It keeps them happy and healthy.

5. Do you have any recipe recommendations/suggestions?  We are starting to build a recipe book to help our customers just like you. If you have a favorite pork recipe, story or testimonial about our farm or meat. We would love to hear it and we will try to get it to our book through the year.