Ham Month

We know that a ham hock is great for adding flavor to beans, soups, and stews, but have you ever thought of making this humble cut of pork the main course?  We heard about this recipe and could not resist it.  


What you will need. :

  • 2 whole ham hocks,

  • 2 quarts oil for deep frying

  • Honey or Maple syrupy for serving, optional

Pat dry the ham hock with a paper towel. This will remove all excess moisture. Dry meat will fry up crisper the fat and will become crunchier.

Heat the oil to 375 degrees until almost smoking then lower to the temperature to 350. Use a deep fryer basket and slowly lower pieces into the fryer. The oil will splatter so be careful.

Deep fry until golden brown and crisp. Usually about 10-15 mins.

Place hocks on a paper towel to allow for extra oil to dip off.


Plate and drizzle honey or maple syrupy over top and around the plate.