Three Farms Winter Meat CSA

Who We ARE – Three Harford County farms, Granova Poultry, Crooked Creek Farm and Hickory Chance Farms, are collaborating to provide a convenient source of their wholesome chicken, pork and beef products during the winter season by offering a CSA.

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We go beyond cage free

Our chickens are free range, which means that if the sun is up they have access to the outdoors, pecking in the grass and taking dust baths.

Our commitment to you When it comes to our standards, we don’t just follow the rules, we go beyond them.

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Our Pigs are allowed to be pigs

Sunshine, dirt, grass and the freedom to root - that’s what makes for a happy pig. Pasture raised pigs are rich in Omega 6 and Vitamin D.

We have ridiculously high standards. Our farm practices sustainability and attention to animal welfare.

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Our animals get regular doses of pasture.

It’s how they were meant to live, so that’s how we let them live. Our farm is pastoral, low-stress environments where animals have ample room to roam, weather-permitting.

We Never, ever use any Drugs, Hormones or Implants


Season of Operation – January through March 2019

Pickup of Product – From 9 to 11 AM on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month for a total of six pickups. Pickup Location– The Mary Risteau Bungling parking lot (where the Bel Air farmers market is usually held). Jan 5, 19, Feb 2, 16, March 2 and 16. If Mother Nature has other ideas we will contact you by phone or email for updates.

Membership Fee –  $450  The members choose which items they wish to receive from among those offered by the three vendors. The only constraint is that they purchase a minimum of $150 in each of the three categories (chicken, ,pork and beef) in the course of the CSA season.        

Discount – After a member has exhausted their $150 credit in any of the three categories, they may purchase additional products in that category at a 10% discount for the remainder of the CSA season.  The 10% discount will apply to the other categories when their initial $150 credit is depleted in those other categories. Do the Math – The $450 membership fees spans 12 weeks.  That works out to be $37.50 per week or $5.36 per day.  If your current meat budget is more than that amount you will likely soon be eligible for the discounted prices.

Ordering – On the Monday prior to each pickup date, the CSA will email you an order form  listing what products are available for that pickup.  We anticipate that most products will be available for most dates.  Sometimes an item may be out of stock and sometimes an item may be offered at a reduced price.  In any case, you may order as much or as little as you wish for any given pickup.  Please fill out and return the order form by that Wednesday night so that we can prepare your order for pickup that Saturday.  Please respond even if you do not need anything that week so we know you received our message.